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Pécs University City - we can read the inscription at the border of the town. As a student, why should you choose this place to study?

Kodály Centre


Because of its beauty and historical past, it is often referred to as a jewellery box in the guides. Pécs already existed in the 2nd Century and as it is "particularly suitable for the dissemination of the seeds of science"; Louis the Great founded the first Hungarian university here in 1367. The fate of the University and the city with 160,000 citizens has ever since become inseparable; therefore it is no wonder that most of the local sights are somehow linked to the University.

The Cella Septichora and many award-winning modern buildings praise the excellent instructors of the Faculty of Engineering. The European Capital of Culture 2010 project application was also written by the university instructors with the involvement of hundreds of students. The prides of the city include the new cultural district, the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter as well as the home of many concerts and conferences, the Kodály Center.

Besides many other things, the cooperation between the residents and the city administration is reflected by the fact that the transport timetable is tailored to the students' lives. When the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts and a part of the Faculty of Humanities were moved to the Zsolnay Quarter, a new bus line was launched to the campus at the Ifjúság Street to ease the situation of the students.

The local spice of life for student lies in the satisfaction of needs through a full range of services:


  • Many internship positions in the city and within the University
  • Due to the diversity of faculties, the possibility of an interdisciplinary research topic/study
  • In addition to the studies, there are plenty of opportunities to do sports
  • The University citizens can become professional dancers at the free courses within the framework of Dancing University
  • In addition to the National Theatre of Pécs and the Croatian Theatre of Pécs, the famous Janus University Theatre also operates here
  • In the topic of music, the University launches music courses available at all the faculties in the framework of the Music University


The buzzing cultural life is not just a PR slogan; the city has already inspired a number of renowned professionals and artists. Several bands connected to the University of Pécs started their career here. The “Pécs Aktuál” from Punnany Massif, and the “Mecseki Sétányok“ from 30y both expressed the beauty of our town to music.


Watch the video made in Pécs
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