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Campus Legal Aid Clinic

The CLAC (Campus Legal Aid Clinic) was launched  in 2015 in order to deepen the academic knowledge of law students at the same time it provides professional and monitored legal advice in the follow-up questions to the students of PTE.

Campus Legal Aid Clinic


In the past years, a number of  foreign students have turned to the law clinic for legal advice. In a personal meeting they can consult their legal problem with selected law students. Then they get a supervised legal advice by  professor of law. This piece of  advice and possible solutions  are introduced and explained by the law students to the client.


There is a possibility to give legal advice and carry out consultancy in both English and German languages.


If you have a question or problem in connection with your lease agreement, equal footing or other civil wrongs, then do not hesitate to contact us, we do our best to assist you with your legal problem.


Office address: 7622 Pécs, Dohány Street 1-3. Floor #2

E-mail: jogklinika@ajk.pte.hu

Website: www.legalclinic.hu

Facebook: Campus Legal Aid Clinic


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